Blanca Potato, LLC, formerly known as Blanfort, Inc. Blanca, Colorado

Blanca Potato is the large potato warehouse and packing company in Blanca. Associated with Three S Ranch, southwest of Blanca, Blanca Potatois the largest employer in Blanca. The company ships 10 to 30 semi-truck loads of potatoes out of the warehouse daily. Blanca Potato processes 1,000,000 hundred weight of potatoes yearly (That is 100,000,000 pounds of potatoes). The company was reorganized in 2012 and is beginning to process even more potatoes.

A potato truck unloads onto the machine which transports the potatoes for sorting. Blanca Potato employs 56 people in the office and the warehouse. Three S Ranch, the major farming enterprise in the area, employs 20 people all year, and quadruples that number during the harvest season. Once the potato harvest starts early in September, trucks run continually from the fields to the warehouse starting at dawn and until well after sunset. The harvest lasts until mid- or late October.

From the sorting machine, the potatoes are conveyed into the warehouse. On the way, a second sorting occurs. During the peak of harvest, loaded trucks arrive about every 4 minutes for unloading.


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