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The population of Blanca, according to the 2010 census was 387. Blanca was the fastest growing community in the Valley between 1990 and 2000 with a growth rate of 48.3%. Some population has been lost between 2000 and 2010

Blanca has a large hispanic population. Approximately 67% of the total residents claim Hispanic ancestry. There are 150 families who live within the Town limits.










Blanca is located in northern Costilla County in the San Luis Valley of south-central Colorado. It is at an elevation of 7746 feet (about 1 1/2 miles) above sea level. The topography is mostly high desert prairie with surrounding mountains.

Blanca experiences mild summers, cold winters and windy springs.

The average high temperature in January is 34.2 F (1.2 C) and the average low temperature is 1.5 F (-16.9 C). In July the average high temperature is 65 F (18.3 C) and the average low temperature is 42.8 F (6C).

The record high temperature is 91 F (32.7 C). and the record low temperature is -50 F (-46.7 C). The average number of days above 90 F (32.2C) per year is 1.3. The average number of days with temperatures below 32 F ( 0 C.) per year is 227.1. The average number of days on which temperatures fall below 0F (-17C) per year is 43.6.

Blanca averages over 290 sunny days per year.

The average precipitation is about 8.8 inches, although the surrounding mountains may get up to 300 inches of snow each year.


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