Train Depot in 1910, Blanca Colorado

The new depot was built in Blanca in 1910. It served travelers and freight from the Denver and Rio Grande Western line and the San Luis Southern Railway which had just been completed running south from Blanca to the "Costilla Estates" and the new towns of New San Acacio, Mesita and Jaroso. The train shown above is the first train from Blanca to San Acacio on the new railroad.

The trains were important to the development of the area. In the initial settlement of Blanca, many new residents brought their household belongings along with livestock in a railroad car to their new home. Later, the trains transferred produce from the farms in the area to Blanca and then on across the mountains to the more populated "Front Range" of Colorado.

Picture from the Freda Weaver collection contributed by Lucien and Sheila Velasquez of Blanca.

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