Main Street, Blanca Colorado, 1910

This view of Main Street is looking east. The wagon tracks turn to the north (left) at Broadway. That was, and still is, the main intersection in Blanca.

In the picture, the large building on the right, at Main and Broadway, is West's Shoe Store. The building is still in use and is the current home of Smith Store, an old fashioned general store.

Beyond the shoe store, on the east side of Broadway, is a long block building housing the bank, a drug store, real estate office, barber shop, and a bakery. The next large building is the Blanca Hotel. In the same block are two more real estate offices, a general store, a studio, and an architect's office.

On the north (left) side of the street are a grocery store, meat market, and a notions store. Just east of Broadway, and across the street from the bank, is the newspaper office. In that same block are three more real estate offices, a livery stable, furniture store, jewelry store, restaurant, pool hall, and the original Blanca Town Hall.

Elsewhere in Town were two lumberyards, a concrete block producing company, a boardinghouse, two feed stores, a hardware and implement store, more general stores and the headquarters of the new San Luis Southern railroad.

And the Town was only 2 years old!

Picture from the Earnest Mang collection, donated to the Town of Blanca by Howard Smith, former Mayor of the Town.

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