Blanca Colorado Main Street Beautification Project 2004 - 2008

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The Main Street Project began in 2004 when the Blanca Beautification Committee (BBC) was awarded a Colorado Department of Transportation enhancement grant. A Colorado Department of Local Affairs grant followed to help support the project. The CDOT grant required matching funds, so the BBC started to raise money.


On the left was Main Street in 2004. The old sidewalks in many places were deteriorated enough that only weeds could be seen. On the right is Main Street in early 2009. The sidewalks are in. The new decorative streetlighting enhances the look. There is still more to be done. CDOT is supposed to resurface and repaint lines on the street during the summer of 2009. Parking areas will be designated and a central turn lane will be marked. The benches and flower boxes will be added later.

This is how it was accomplished:

The Beautification Committee sponsored the first Blanca Harvest Festival on October 23, 2004. The Festival featured vendors, food, entertainment and contests. The proceeds from the vendors fees went into a special fund to be used as matching funds for grants. Festivals were also held in 2005 through 2008. Planning for the 2009 festival is ongoing. The committee is also researching other fund raising activities to complete the project.

The first step in the construction is the demolition of the old sidewalks, curbs and gutters. Costilla County Road and Bridge Crew lead by Larry Gomez is donating their time as "in kind" work on the project to demolish the sidewalks and haul away the rubble.

A bobcat equipped with a jack hammer breaks up the old sidewalk.

There go the old sidewalks!

Now we know the project has really started!

After the rubble was taken away and the site prepared, the curb was poured.

Next came the new sidewalks.

Then the first new street light went up.

It is almost finished!

Main Street 2008

Jean Butler 2004-2008

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