Blanca Mayor Myrrl W. Smith honored by Board of Trustees

On the 20th anniversary of his first election as Mayor of Blanca (2004), Mayor Myrrl W. Smith, right, was presented with a plaque and gavel by Mayor Pro Tem Cole Wakasugi. The plaque expressed the appreciation of the Board of Trustees and the staff of Blanca, on behalf of the community, for his continuing years of service to the Town. Smith is still the Mayor of Blanca -- elected again in 2016.

The photographs on the wall behind Smith and Wakasugi are historical views of the Town from 1910 and 1929. They were a part of the Earnest Mang collection donated to the Town.

Town Attorney Gene Farish administered the oath of office to Mayor Smith. Mayor Smith was born and raised in the area, he was elected as a Trustee in 1980 and then Mayor in 1984. Except for a two year period from 1988 to 1990, he has held that position ever since. He ran unopposed in every general election since 1992. Mayor Smith's current term ends in April 2020.

Besides acting as the chief administrative officer of the Town (and retired Fire Chief), Smith goes beyond the normal duties of mayor by also running the road grader, snow plow and backhoe for the Town in emergencies or when the town maintenance man is not available. Smith was trained years ago in heavy equipment operation and in the administration and duties of water and wastewater operators and of town marshals. This unique background qualifies him exceptionally well for the duties of the mayor of a small town.

He says "No one else wants the job!"


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