Mt. Blanca, Blanca Colorado

Mt. Blanca is the fourth highest mountain in Colorado. Only 88 feet separate it from the highest one. The center peak, although it looks lower from this angle, is Blanca Peak, 14,345 feet. On the left is another fourteener (A mountain that is 14,000 feet or more high.), Little Bear Peak at 14,037 feet. The peak on the right is Hamilton Peak, a thirteener at 13,658.

In what is sometime called the Blanca Massiff, there are 4 peaks over 14,000 feet. Along with Blanca Peak and Little Bear, the two not show in this picture are Ellingwood Point (14,042 feet) and Mt. Lindsey (locally know as Baldy) (14,042 feet). Another thirteener, Twin Peaks at 13,580 feet, is just to the west of Ellingwood Point.

Mt. Blanca has been sacred to Native American tribes in the West for centuries. It was often the site of their vision quests.

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