A collection of historic pictures given to the Town by current and former residents of Blanca.

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Blanca was founded by raising the flag at what is now Main Street and Broadway. Picture from the San Luis Valley News.

The first human habitation in Blanca, August 10, 1908. The surveyor is C.H. Smith. Smith Reservoir just south of Blanca was named for him. Inside the tent, but hard to see is Ed Dow, one of Blanca's first residents.

The 6th Grade class in 1910. Included are Louis Hall, Paul Nash, Roy Chrisman, Grace Quinby, Ganelle Johnson, Edna Young, Ada and Myrtle Harrelson and Myrtle Hamlin.

The Blanca Boosters marching in an early parade.

J. W. Skinkle General Store at Main Street and Smith Avenue (then 8th Avenue). The circus must have been in town with the elephants and camel.

The ladies of the Commercial Club ride in a float in an early parade

In 1911, several days of rain caused a flood in Blanca. One man "fishes" on Main Street. The clothing store is now the Smith Store building.

The interior of a jewelry store operated in Blanca by George and Catherine Wood, editors and publishers of Blanca's San Luis Valley News. From the left are an unidentified man, Mr. Wood, Mrs. Wood, Murcella Wood, an unidentified girl, Vesta Clifford and Eugene Wood. The picture was probably taken in 1916 or 1917.

Children parading down the sidewalk in an early Blanca parade.

A float in the childrens' parade. The picture was probably taken around 1912/

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Thanks to Cindy Parmenter, Hazel Petty, Shannon Hard, Phyllis Cooper for these examples of Blanca history.


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